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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  June 23, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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they lost his bag in moscow. that's it for today. see you next week for fox news sunday. admitted nsa leaker edward snowden is on the run at this hour. looks like he is headed to ecuador. we won't know for sure until he turns up there. for now, we know he left china, is inside russia tonight. we are told the u.s. state department revoked his american passport. our authorities are actively trying to hunt him down. the u.s. is warning other countries now not to let him in. i am harris faulkner. this is the fox report. new details tonight breaking by the hour on this sunday. first about revoking snowden's passport. the state department just a short time ago confirming to fox news the goal is to prevent him from any additional
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international travel. but tonight he's a fugitive that's definitely been on the move. edward snowden, former contractor for the national security agency who is wanted n honeo on espionage charges. some americans consider him a hero because he told us about the monitoring of phone records through verizon, and potentially other phone companies. others see him as a traitor. our government wanted hong kong to hand him over originally. that did not happen. we first learned through a russian airline snowden was headed to moscow, where he is believed to be tonight on his way to seek asylum in ecuador. here is what is key. ecuador is the same country sheltering wikileaks founder julian assange at its embassy in london. he leaked thousands of classified government documents on his website. wikileaks is helping snowden seek asylum.
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we have fox coverage on this breaking news. we will bring in james rosen in a moment on efforts to block snowden from reaching his reported destination. first, chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge is live at the d.c. bureau. what do we know about the situation inside russia tonight? >> reporter: thank you. good evening. the white house confirms the president was briefed on the evolving situation with snowden by his national security team. late today, they confirm authorities were asked june 15 to arrest the nsa leaker, one day after espionage charges were filed under seal in a virginia court. june 21st, hong kong asked for more informing. two days later, told the u.s. there wasn't enough there, and snowden was allowed to leave that country. today, justice department officials tell fox the u.s. is disappointed and disagrees with the determination by hong kong authorities not to honor the u.s. request for arrest of the fugitive, edward j. snowden. we are learning discussions over snowden who we believe remains
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at moscow's international airport, includes senior levels of the u.s. state department, justice department, and the fbi with counterparts in hong kong. former intelligence official telling fox news earlier today it is possible the russians will choose not to arrest snowden, citing the fact he is in transit, not processed by russian immigration or customs officials to stay in moscow. also, the group wikileaks and founder julian assange which have a long-standing relationship with ecuador, confirming they're working with snowden. mr. snowden requests wikileaks use legal expertise and experience to secure his safety. once he arrives in ecuador, his request will be formally processed, and there's a long-standing relationship, harris. he has been at the ecuador embassy in london last year where he was granted asylum. >> it is interesting, this piece of information that you point out that seems to be so key,
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catherine. russians see him in transit which absolves them of any responsibility of putting him through customs, of really taking any getting to know if you will of the situation. very interesting. all along, there have been threats there might be more leaks. will we see that? >> reporter: spokesman for the nation's intelligence chief, the director of national intelligence james clapper confirming to fox that they believe nsa leaker edward snowden has more documents and plans more leaks. a former intelligence official telling fox today it is believed the records snowden took are volu volumous, well beyond classified material from the nsa. mike rogers being briefed on a regular basis tells sunday talk shows leaks are exposing secrets and the nation's adversaries are leveraging them. >> we have seen bad guys overseas, terrorists plotting attacks on the united states and our allies, have changed the way they operate. we have already seen that.
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to say that is not harmful to the national security of the united states or our safety is just dead wrong. >> reporter: the nsa director also saying that agency provided to congress friday a classified list of 50 plots disrupted by two controversial programs, and a fraction of those cases benefitted from sweeping collection of american phone records. >> the scope the business record fisa can deal with is those that are just over ten. in those, i think it contributed in the majority of cases, it allowed us to form some of the dots. i think that's key in what we're trying to do. >> critics say the phone records have not been the primary or initial tip that broke up the plots, harris. >> catherine, you help us weave some of this together. i mentioned the revoked passport. now you're telling us russia won't have it matter if they don't have to process him through customs in that country.
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catherine herridge, thanks so much. let's talk about that passport situation. chief correspondent james rosen joins me by phone. james, you're with us? >> reporter: i am indeed, thanks, harris. >> thank you. the state department reports this is routine for felony warrants. >> reporter: that's right. when an individual has a felony arrest warrant issued in his name, they feel travel should be limited. officials at state were careful to add, harris, revocation of an american citizen's passport does not effect his citizenship. persons wanted on felony charges such as mr. snowden, he shouldn't be able to do any further international travel other than what is necessary to return him to the united states. because of the privacy act, we cannot comment on his passport specifically. make no mistake about it, though, the revocation is a major restriction on travel. as close as u.s. government can
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come to making him a man without a country, effectively, with retaining his citizenship. his return to u.s. soil will only happen in conjunction with facing criminal charges. >> james, this is a fluid situation. i don't know if on your cell phone you could hear what catherine herridge was reporting. >> reporter: i did. >> it has an impact on this, doesn't it? if russia is going to say we're not going to process him, a passport doesn't come into play, which goes against the whole idea of revocation keeping him grounded, doesn't it? >> reporter: it would, but russia was one of the few countries he could have chosen that perhaps would so construe the matter. this is to borrow a phrase from the last decade, a situation you're either with us or against us, hand him over or you don't. the u.s. is using diplomatic and law enforcement channels to contact those countries, particularly in the western hemisphere, where it is thought he may be intending to pass through or try to stay, and saying to them in effect he is wanted for serious crimes back here, respect the system we all
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set up. >> what's infuriating here, prime minister putin of russia aiding and abetting snowden's escape. the bottom line is very simple. allies are supposed to treat each other in decent ways, and putin always seems almost eager to put a finger in the eye of the united states. >> reporter: i can tell you, harris, having covered the state department, the case of victor boot, former soviet arms dealer convicted in this country, remains incarcerated, is something that the kremlin has been angry about for years, they have been raising it with secretary of state kerry. perhaps not surprising they weren't sympathetic to u.s. desires in the snowden case. >> you're helping us do as i mentioned to catherine, weaving the details together as it changes by the hour this sunday. james, we appreciate your perspective and reporting.
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thanks for joining us by phone. >> reporter: thank you for having me. >> so edward snowden is seeking asylum inside ecuador. let's look at that country. it is no strong hold from democracy and far from stable, at least it has been. it is about the size of nevada, population of roughly 15 million people. it weathered a number of serious political and economic crises in the past. at one point, they had seven presidents over a ten-year period. they've had 20 different constitutions, since gaining independence from spain in 1809. in 2000, the ecuadorian government dumped its own currency in favor of the u.s. dollar after a banking crisis. now fast forward, that brings us to the country's current president, rafael correa, who is vocal about his distaste of america. some liken him to hugo chavez. he attended university of illinois and was just reelected in february, after putting
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massive social programs into play in this country. critics say he weakened democracy there by aggressively expanding his powers. a massive crowd of reporters on hand at the airport earlier in moscow where edward snowden arrived this morning from hong kong. again, as far as we know, that's where he still is, in russia. joining us by phone from moscow, kevin oh flynn. what are people saying there? >> reporter: well, there are hundreds of journalists that went to the airports, i was there as well. in russia, they're reluctant to help the u.s., russian mp suggested that he would be given asylum in russia and other russian officials have been saying they're not going to help the u.s. in this case and
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they're even offering, saying the russian government should go in there, speak to snowden and offer him asylum. >> i'm curious, kevin, if you could fill something in for me. how knowledgeable are people about the news that breaks inside the united states? are they really following this story? >> reporter: it's got a lot less play than say in the west and britain or the states, but it has appeared on russian news. russian news has slanted it in the way of much against the united states and china as snowden has shown listening in on conversations on the internet as well. i mean, i think most russian people wouldn't know who snowden was, but might have seen the reports about the u.s. eavesdropping. >> i'm sure people are talking
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about it now. what impact do you think it could have, based on what you see there in coverage on the already cool relationship between russia and the u.s. right now? >> reporter: well, the relations has been in downward spiral since vladimir putin became president again, with syria, with banning of adoptions from american citizens. it is another sort of aspect. can be no sign of progress in relation between the two in the near future. >> very interesting. this is the first time really we heard possible gift of asylum in that country. we will have to see how it plays out. kevin oh flynn in moscow tonight. thank you very much. >> thank you. now let's go to south africa, the health of nelson mandela has gotten worse.
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he is in critical condition at the hospital, the word from officials in south africa. a live look now at the hospital in that nation's capital where nelson mandela is located at the moment. obviously that's an earlier still photo on the right, live shot on the left. he is 94 years old. doctors are doing everything possible to treat him, we are told. we know him as the civil rights leader that's been in the hospital since june 8th, and in and out of the hospital all year long, and has what the government is calling a recurring lung infection. nelson mandela became south africa's first black president, after serving nearly three decades in prison across that country, and helping to end apartheid. right now, a much sought after compromise on immigration reform is set to face a major test on capitol hill tomorrow.
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how it could make or break that legislation. and more information on a deadly crash we showed you yesterday. we will freeze it before that goes down, you know there's a wing walker on that plane. that crowd at the air show, we will tell you what happened. they reopened today. ♪ even superheroes need superheroes, and some superheroes need complete and balanced meals with 23 vitamins and minerals. purina dog chow. help keep him strong. dog chow strong. it was very painful situation. the rash was on my right hip, going all the way down my leg. i'm very athletic and i swim in the ocean. shingles forced me out of the water. the doctor asked me "did you have chickenpox when you were a child?"
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the most comprehensive immigration reform the nation has seen in decades is facing a key test of votes in the senate. at issue, an amendment that would add billions of dollars to border security on our line with mexico. peter doocy live from washington tonight with the news. >> reporter: harris, republicans are split in the senate about whether or not comprehensive immigration reform is good for the country. the latest amendment to the bill would add $40 billion in new border enforcement, but senator mike lee thinks the bill, which would provide a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants tries to do too much at once.
4:18 pm
>> they promised us under this bill illegal immigration would be a thing of the past, it won't. cbo told us this week that ten years from now we will still have 6 to 8 million illegal immigrants in the country. >> reporter: senator lee thinks it will pass the senate, likely have the support of republican colleague lindsey graham who says it could be great for the party's future. >> i want to reattach to the spanish community, pass immigration reform, grow this party. the party has to be bigger than utah and south carolina. the hispanic community is very close to our values, but we have driven them away over this issue. >> reporter: one prominent democrat takes issue with some of the bill's finer points, still believes it has value. >> it is not the bill i would have written, but it is truly a compromise between democrats and republicans that fix our broken immigration system. the big loser, if we don't get immigration reform done, is
4:19 pm
america. >> reporter: tomorrow 5:30 p.m. in d.c., the senate having a vote on whether to continue the debate. that could mean a final vote, harris, later this week. >> peter, thank you. he knows he will be arrested if he tries to come home. now the nsa secret spiller, edward snowden, is reportedly trying to find a nation that will give him asylum. we have been telling you tonight it could be ecuador. what is the likelihood another country would defy our government and provide safe harbor to the man our government calls a spy and thief? we're getting indication tonight, russia has him there. also, following the deadly twin boston bombings, they show the world what it means to be boston strong. now the man that won the marathon today has come back to show another example of human spirit in the wake of tragedy. have aood night. here you go. you, too. 'm going to dream about that steak.
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an update on a story we brought you last night. an air show in southwest ohio opened with a moment of silence, following a deadly crash at the event yesterday. a plane carrying a wing walker slammed into the ground and burst into flames, killing the pilot and stunt woman. thousands of people were watching at the time. they reopened today in honor of the two that died, both were from virginia. the woman was a mom of two boys, and engaged to be married. fast spreading wildfire threatening a major tourist town in colorado. this has been a tough burn season for them. more than 1,000 people now, including tourists in south fork, forced to pack up their homes and rvs and head for safer ground. it is an inferno, exploding to ten times its size from this time last night, we're told.
4:24 pm
it is now 100 square miles. will carr is covering it. >> reporter: there's lots of wind and a majority of trees died from beetle infestation. there's a lot of fuel and perfect conditions for the west four complex fire, which now burned more than 70,000 acres. we can tell you it is burning in southwest colorado, bearing down on a popular tourist area. almost 1500 people have been evacuated. so far, nobody has been hurt, no homes or structures burned. the word they used, unpredictable. they're doing everything they can to fight back. they're asking for people in the area to remain vigilant, because harris, right now, there are more than a dozen fires burning across the state. >> and that's just that state, will. we have also watched this happen in arizona.
4:25 pm
>> reporter: that's right. you know, there's good news on that front tonight. more than 450 people or homes had to be evacuated for the doci fire. they were able to return home. that fire is more than 40% contained. no homes burned. you can imagine a sigh of relief for homeowners as they returned home this weekend. harris in. >> that was quick work in prescott. will, thank you very much. the news is developing as we have been telling you this hour, it is breaking. nsa leaker edward snowden looking for a new home, as the u.s. government is doing everything possible to catch him. the man they label as a spy. will the information help him or the u.s. government. pope francis has only been the leader of the world's catholics a short period of time, he is already making a lasting impression. next, what makes the pope so
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i am harris faulkner. this is the fox report. edward snowden is on the move. hong kong let him go to russia. the u.s. is attempting to extradite him back to this country. hong kong officials say extradition violates their law. he is believed to be in moscow,
4:30 pm
trying to get asylum in ecuador. the u.s. state department which revoked his passport is telling nations edward snowden is wanted on felony charges and banned from international travel. steve centanni in washington has the latest. >> reporter: hi, harris. edward snowden is clearly on the run now, according to wikileaks, which is helping the fugitive, he will soon be heading to ecuador, his first stop after hong kong was moscow, he is reportedly spending the night at an airport transit hotel without officially entering the country. reporters gathered, caught no glimpse of him. he is under intense pressure from his own government, his passport revoked, state department warning countries he may pass through or countries that could become his destination not to let him in because he is wanted for espionage. in his twitter account, the foreign minister of ecuador confirms he did submit request for asylum in that country. here at home, some lawmakers
4:31 pm
hope he gets stopped along the way. listen. >> i want to get him caught and brought back for trial and i think we need to know exactly exactly what he has. he could have a lot, lot more. it may really put people in jeopardy. i don't know. but i think the chase is on. >> the chase is clearly on. snowden revealed classified information about secret surveillance programs run by national security agency. some lawmakers suggest he is not the only one who has broken the law. >> i do think that when history looks at this, they're going to contrast the behavior of james clapper, our national intelligence director, with edward snowden. mr. clapper lied in congress in defiance of the law, in the name of security. mr. snowden told the truth in the name of privacy. >> reporter: a justice department spokesman said in a
4:32 pm
statement the u.s. is disappointed with hong kong's decision not to arrest snowden and to let him go, harris? >> steve, thank you very much. let's get more on edward snowden's search for asylum and the united states efforts to bring him back here. richard grenel, former spokesperson for four ambassadors to the united nations. it looks like snowden has more international friends at this point, richard, than the u.s. government does. will anyone likely on his path so far hand him over? >> well, it doesn't look like it. certainly we ran into a problem with the chinese government and hong kong authorities. you know, now we have russia throwing up their hands, pretending like they're not responsible and that they can't do anything about it. you know, we really need to ask the tough questions of if obama is so popular around the world, why are we having such a difficult time of getting this individual back to the united states when we are saying it is a priority for us.
4:33 pm
>> you know what's interesting, i don't know if you could just hear in steve centanni's report, senator rand paul was talking about looking at the actions of the national security community versus those of edward snowden, there are some in this country who would say edward snowden hasn't done anything so bad. will the rest of the world look at it that way? as you look around the nation, how do they see what's happened with this surveillance? >> part of me doesn't care what they think. i think we absolutely have to look at it as snowden signed an agreement he would protect united states classified information. and he signed up to spy. and yet he became uncomfortable spying, nothing changed except for his kind of comfort level with spying. there's no question that he leaked classified information. it's illegal, he did something wrong, we need to treat him as someone who made an illegal
4:34 pm
activity, did an illegal activity, we need to get him, capture him, get him back, make it a priority. make sure every country, russia, china, ecuador understands this is a priority for us, and that we are going to use not only diplomatic pressure but economic pressure and our trade pressure, every kind of power that we have right now needs to come to the front and we need to get this guy back to the united states and get him on trial. >> you know what's interesting, as i look at the situation, there was a point where we kind of knew where he was, he was inside hong kong, we have an extradition treaty with them. hong kong says it violates law. how does that happen exactly? >> i don't know. i think we need to talk to authorities and the media need to start asking questions of doj and state department, saying why did we make this request on the 15th, why did we not hear back until the 21st. in six days, was someone asking
4:35 pm
tough questions? were they asking hong kong and chinese authorities are you going to hold him, are you going to bring him back? we're being told we didn't get the paperwork right. if we can't get the paperwork right, i think then we really have a problem with presenting him as a priority for the united states. >> all right. that brings me to my next question, which has become a more fair question as the day has gone on, and that is do we really want to catch this guy? you know, when we have gone after most wanted criminals before, not that he is necessarily on that list, but accused of espionage, they revoked his passport, clearly he is on somebody's list that's important. did the u.s. government treat it like that. is there something else going on here? >> well, we absolutely need to bring him back, no question. >> you say that, but does the government? are they acting like it? >> it is a really good question. if you go back to the beginning, take the russia situation. this administration decided to
4:36 pm
put us on a new path with russia, they pressed the fake button of a reset button to show the world we would have a new and different path with russia. i think the media need to understand this hasn't worked. clearly the snowden situation is showing that we don't have any influence over russia, putin is kind of clouding his fingers in our face. senators like chuck schumer need to not just be angry but they need to ask the tough questions about our current policy with russia, because it is clearly not working, not on the right path. >> you're talking about charles schumer of new york and his comments. that video we showed, i realize with the date line in that in june, that relationship between vladimir putin and our president, if you pop that back up, that's very recent, the criticism you're making. >> well, and this is only the latest. there have been several situations where russia has just really ignored us, without
4:37 pm
consequence. and what we need to do, we need to be able to articulate to the russians that this is a priority, and we need to not just ask or send in paperwork on the 15th to, you know, hong kong, but we need to make it a priority. all parts of the u.s. government need to make sure their counterparts in russia, china, ecuador, understand this is a number one national security priority for the united states, and they should respond accordingly. >> all right. there are people on the flip side of this issue who see edward snowden as telling the rest of this information that we perhaps needed to know. last sunday when the story was breaking, lieutenant colonel tony schaefer, fox news contributor was on with us. he used the word defector. let's watch that and i'll get your last comment. >> he has defected, he is in enemy territory now. i know china is not technically adversary of ours, we know there's been a ton of hacking going on. we have to be aware of the fact that whatever information is in his head is with the chinese or
4:38 pm
potentially in the hands of the chinese in some form. >> if colonel schaefer is right, he was formerly a whistleblower, is it spreading like peanut butter, talking about being in a territory in hong kong. now in russia. are they likely getting information? your thoughts. >> i think they are getting information. i wouldn't call him a defector. he thinks he is a hero. he is a liberal leftwinger, trying to come out and pretend like he is helping the u.s. government when he is actually hurting u.s. government. >> richard grenell. we appreciate your perspective and context and being with us. thank you, richard. >> thanks, harris. well, he became the leader of the world's billion plus catholics over three months ago. during that time, pope francis enhanced his reputation as the people's pope.
4:39 pm
today, the pope blessed worshippers from a window overlooking st. peter's square during his traditional sunday appearance. later, he welcomed 250 disadvantaged children that arrived on a special train at st. peter's train station. in a short time, the pope's energetic, extraverted style has attracted many fans. amy kellogg has more on the pope's popularity. >> reporter: his warm, hearty embrace of an american boy with cerebral palsy may have been the first sign he seems to have genuine affection for people. doing, and it really ere about does come across that he cares. >> reporter: he recently plucked a boy with down's syndrome from the crowd, took him for a spin on the pope mobile. >> it is rare to see a pope do that, go off, kiss people that aren't able to get up and see him. i think that he is reaching out to a group of people that need him the most. >> reporter: maybe because he spends more time at weekly audience mingling than preaching, crowds on st. peters
4:40 pm
now reach 100,000, more than three times what they had been before his installation. the catholic church, tarnished by scandal, is bass king in the francis effect. american catholics were going to mass in the lowest numbers in decades. just 24% going once a week. the vatican hopes his popularity will turn it around to woo back some of the faithful. >> saw it straight away. with the new pope, his teachings and philosophy, it brought me back into the faith. >> reporter: washing the faith of female muslim prisoners friday, to blessing bikers last sunday, there's a feeling pope francis wants to touch the lives from people from as many walks of life as he can. pope francis is on the way to energizing the faithful, there are indications he will be doing significant house cleaning in the vatican in the coming months. in london, amy kellogg, fox news. we're learning more information tonight about
4:41 pm
football star aaron hernandez and his suspected connection to a murder. how the football community is reacting to the investigation. my friend jim gregg, sports contributor, will be with us on the other side of the commercial break. how many simple ingredients does your dog food have? 30? 20? new purina one beyond has 9. the simplified purina one beyond. learn more about these wholesome ingredients at
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common side effects include nausea, trouble sleeping and unusual dreams. it feels wonderful. i don't smoke. i don't smoke. [ male announcer ] ask your doctor if chantix is right for you. police spent nearly four hours searching the home of new england patriots tight end aaron hernandez this weekend. investigators bringing out their dogs, looking for clues in the death of a semi pro football
4:45 pm
player whose body was found less than a mile from the home they're searching. we are learning more about aaron hernandez's past before he made it big in the nfl. why that is key. fox sports contributor, a man i call a great friend, jim gregg joins us from los angeles. there are some details coming about we need to know about to make the connection here. >> reporter: well, some of the details, are they fact, however, harris, you know, these are now a lot of things circulating, there's been a lot of reports, going to be warrant for arrest, not a warrant drawn up, things are dribbling out. who knows exactly what's right and what's not. he's not talking, patriots are not talking, the nfl is not talking, the police if you can believe some of the leaks may be talking a little bit, but they kind of closed down, closed ranks the past couple days. i am not just exactly sure which of these details, what of these details we really, really know,
4:46 pm
at least as it pertains to this investigation. some of the things in his past we do know, he had some gang related activity when he was in high school in bristol, connecticut. that caused him some problems in the nfl draft. he admitted to marijuana use when he was at the university of florida, he dropped to fourth round in the 2010 draft by the patriots, and you know, he was a great player already, but a lot of teams shied away. talked to personnel directors during the week said hey, took him off the board, didn't want to deal with this, there were some red flags and issues. others were willing to take the risk, obviously didn't pull the trigger. now some of this is coming to the forefront. it is hard to discern just exactly what's right and what's wrong now, harris. >> including some records about the man that's dead in this thing, about their relationship, reports that he and hernandez were dating sisters, hernandez's fiance -- her sister was dating
4:47 pm
lloyd and the family connections. i am curious, what is the reaction in the nfl community? i know you said owners aren't talking, clearly players must know what's happening? >> reporter: the players had no idea of any of this activity going on, no one who i have spoken to or exchanged texts with had any idea aaron hernandez would be involved, could have been involved in anything like this. then you go back to february, now there's a lawsuit that's been filed against him by a man said he was shot in the arm when he was in the car with him, the bullet went through the arm, up to his eye, took out his eye. he was in the hospital a couple of weeks. but he would not identify hernandez to police, so the police closed the investigation in florida. he filed a lawsuit this week for $100,000, what he wants. aaron hernandez signed a $40 million contract extension last year, that makes zero sense to me, how a man could lose his eye, sue somebody for that amount of money when he is making a huge, huge -- so much more on that 40 million.
4:48 pm
so that doesn't seem to add up to me. we're just going to have to wait and see and play this out. there's a lot of moving pieces here, they have been to the house four or five times now, reportedly he destroyed the surveillance cameras and hard drive, telephone was in pieces when turned over, confirmed or at least if we believe what the police reports are, confirmed by the attorney for hernandez that it was in pieces, but we're going to have to wait and see because this is going in a lot of different directions. >> you have a lot of detail on this. we appreciate you bringing it to us tonight. the big question has been all week, neither of us can answer this. is he really still in that house? it has been several days now. jim gray, thanks for being with us. we have a shot at the house. we will continue to watch the story. thank you. the recent selloff on wall street has taken potentially a big bite out of your 401(k) if you cracked it open. how the federal government could have an effect on the markets
4:49 pm
this week. plus a man goes up and away. come on, people, in a lawn chair, are you kidding me? it is interesting. ♪
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ouch. we watched the markets on wall street take a dive for days last week, bruising the retirement funds of millions of americans. federal reserve chairman ben bernanke spooked investors when he said the feds could wrap up their economic stimulus program by next year if the economy keeps improving. fox news senior business correspondent, anchor of bulls and bears, brenda buttner has more. >> the question this week, are the bulls taking a breather or
4:53 pm
skidding to a stop? wall street could further fret over the fed, it appears the central bank will ease up on easy money. many chances this week to get that word. fed members all over giving speeches, other market movers, important info on housing prices, pending home sales and consumer confidence. if you're licking your wounds after last week, keep this in mind. the s&p 500, likely a part of your retirement plan, has come very far, very fast. it is still up 12% so far this year, just short of its increase of 13% for all of last year. will the latest selloff be a buying opportunity or have nervous investors running for the exits? looking ahead, one thing is pretty certain, uncertainty. the gauge of volatility and anxiety for wall street has spiked since word of the potential end of easy money. harris, back to you. >> brenda, thank you. several workers are hurt after a massive barn that was under construction came crashing
4:54 pm
to the ground. it is our top story as we go across america. texas. fire officials say the men were on lifts, bolting steel together when the metal frame collapsed at texas a&m university. reports say workers fell on top of debris, one man seriously hurt. the barn part of an $80 million complex for horses. washington, a man stuck in a tree, after taking to the skies in a lawn chair, with some 100 helium balloons tied to it. he is an engineer, reportedly trying to set a world record for distance, but only made it 25 miles before the tree incident. we understand he is doing just fine now. california, dozens of dogs and their human companions showing off skills in a surf competition at san diego county imperial beach. judges scored dogs on their competence level, how long they
4:55 pm
rode the waves. >> me and my daughter were surfing one day, they were circling around us, put them on the board, off they went. >> it raises money for a group that helps prevent animal cruelty. that's fox watch across america. the winner of this year's boston marathon, giving something very special back to the city. ght. here you go. you, too. 'm going to dream about that steak. i'm going to dream about that tiramisu. what a night, huh? but, um, can the test drive be over now? head back to the dealership? oh, yeah. [ malannouncer ] it's practically yours. [ wife ] sorry. [ male announcer ] but we still need your signature. volkswagen sign then drive is back. and it's never been easier to get a passat. that's the power of german engineering. get $0 down, $0 due at signing, $0 deposit, and $0 first month's payment on any new volkswagen. visit today. on any new volkswagen. ♪ even superheroes need superheroes, and some superheroes need complete and balanced meals
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the winner of this year's boston marathon handed over his medal. he returned for a 10k race, joining the mayor and about 6,000 athletes. in a moment of silence in the ceremony after the race, the runner said sports holds the power to unify and should not be used as a battleground. looking ahead to big stories this week. on monday, that crucial test for the immigration bill, test vote on boarder surge amendment which would dramatically increase the number of border patrol agents and call for completion of a border fence 700 miles long. also tomorrow, opening arguments in the george zimmerman murder trial. he admits to shooting trayvon martin, saying it was self defense. a jury of six women will decide if zimmerman is guilty of second degree murder.
5:00 pm
that's fox report. i am harris faulkner. thanks for watching. have a fabulous week. huckabee starts. see you about halfway through with the first prime time update. huckabee. tonight onckabee. tonight on "huckabee." rick santorum has a new job in the private sector. does that meanest done with politics? a huckabee exclusive. you will be able to keep your doctor, period. you'll be able to keep your health care plans, period. >> now doctors are keeping their patients but dropping the insurance. howie -- how eliminating the price tag for obama care. >> i can give my patients what i promise to give them for that price. she backed up elvis, frank, aretha, darlene love


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